My name is Bill Sturgell, and I live in Urbana, Ohio, which is in Champaign County. I'm happily married to Sheryl Sturgell. We have a son and three daughters, and quite a few grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


I've had an interest in photography my whole life. I started taking pictures when I was around twelve, taking snapshots. 

My passion for "Barns and Countrysides" stemmed from summer vacations on my great uncle Swiss's farm in Hillsboro, Ohio. . I always looked forward to doing the chores, the fresh eggs, feeding the chickens, etc. And, oh, Aunt Ocie's cooking.

Even now, I enjoy gabbing with the farmers, when I'm on a road trip. They are some of the greatest people on Earth. 

Therefore, almost all of my photographs are of barns, farms and country scenery. Some barns are pristine, and some are forgotten and abandoned. Some are just weathered.

But I love them all!