At the Beginning

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A few years ago I started taking my photography seriously. I used to take a lot of snapshots of Christmas, Birthdays, and family gatherings. I have had many, many different cameras over the years. It started with a Brownie when I was twelve. Then moved up the ranks, my first digital camera was a Kodak with one megapixel. 

After I retired, I needed a hobby, that might even earn a little bit of extra income. I've always loved the country, I started with a Canon EOS Rebel t3I, and haphazardly roamed the country roads. I got lost a lot! 

Then one day I saw a barn on Old Troy Pike in Champaign County. A very nice lady, Joan Zerkle, was sitting on the porch, I asked permission to photograph her barn and explained what I was doing. She was happy to oblige. I wandered around snapping pictures for about half an hour. When I was getting ready to leave, she told me to wait a minute, she had something for me. She went in the house, and brought out a map of Champaign County. Every barn in the county had a red "X" or red dot, hundreds of them. I no longer get lost, I know where I'm going, and where I've been. No more haphazard driving. I highlight the roads travelled, and have over 600 images of barns and the countrysides. Thank you very much, Joan!

This is one of my favorites.

After the StormAfter the StormThe storm has almost passed and the setting sun is peeking through.


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