8.Jody Gentis(non-registered)
Thank you for all the beautiful pics !! I loved seeing all ones of my family farm !
7.Rick Bails(non-registered)
Very nice work. I'm an amateur photographer also living in Champaign County. I enjoy all types of photography and working to get better.
6.Gary mcd(non-registered)
Great work
5.Katherine Manis(non-registered)
Thanks love the pictures I like old Barns and houses
4.connie stoner(non-registered)
I almost drown in that little spot up the road were we swam!
3.Teddy Wilkins(non-registered)
Fantastic website
1.Patricia Bowie(non-registered)
I love your photos of the old barns. I grew up in the country and can relate to your photos. They are wonderful!
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