This gallery contains quilt barns. I've never been able to pass a quilt barn, without taking some pictures. My sister is a quilter, and she demands it.
Red Quilt Barn Under A Threatening SkyQuilt Barn And Hay BalesCattle Ranch Quilt BarnThe Quilt Barn's MuralQuilt Barn On Route 36Lazy Man's RestQuilt Barn In Southwest OhioMagnificent Quilt Barn In OhioQuilt Barn On Zimmerman RoadBright Red Quilt BarnQuilt Barn Near Woodstock, OhioBeautiful Quilt Barn With Silo and WindmillQuilt Barn Under White Puffy CloudsBeautiful Quilt Barn And SiloBright Red Quilt Behind A White FenceYankee Hill Quilt BarnWhite Quilt BarnBeautiful Quilt Barn